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found in the garden

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The gardener has lost his hand shovel with the cracked green handle.

“I put it right here.” He blames his memory, his eyes, his luck, the bushes. “Right here.”

“It will show up,” his wife says.

“Wrong! Things don’t just show up, you have to go after it, nothing comes to you.”

“Then it’s in the place it should be right now. Sit with me.”

“Stubborn,” he grunts, spreading open a resistant rosemary bush.

“Go out and get another then.”

“It fits me, we have a history.”

She makes room. “Same with us.”

He stops and sits.  “Oh, if I ever lose you…”

“I will find you.”

“Can you find my shovel?”


death is an everyday thing

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You have to have the stomach to be a gardener.

The breaking and the ripping away.

Death is an everyday thing in the garden.

Clean it up and move on quickly.

Keep ahead of the feelings.

You need to live with a wall inside of you in the garden.