Names are not a small matter in the garden

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“This is a Dalia, and it’s not.” The gardener thinks out loud.

Every Spring it comes up, how he wants to change the flower’s name.

“Much too ornate. It’s a tough fighter.” It just bothers him. “I don’t even like saying it.”  

“How is it your business?” the gardener’s wife works around him in the kitchen. “Let it go already, my God.”

Still, he figures he has the power in his garden.

The issue is finding the right name.

And dealing with all the opinions when it comes up in conversation.

The gardener looks at his wife and ponders

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The flowers wish they could birth fruit.

The fruit trees want to be fawned over, arraigned in vases, placed on tables in great rooms.

The grass doesn’t show any aspiration to be anything other than in the shade.

The oaks dream of a time of  only two mild seasons.

Such is the way of the garden.  

If contentment is what one is looking for, it isn’t here.

The rain

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The rain challenges the gardener’s trust.
Stones must be scrutinized in order to believe each will accept him.
Tools slip and cut indiscriminately.
Trees turn on him as he leans.
In the garden one is on their own.